17 July 2009

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Statue Mayawati and Congress Party

Reality Views by sm:
Statue Mayawati and Congress Party
Everyday Cm Mayawati is told that she should not spend money on building
From P Chidambaram, Rahul Gandhi and many other political parties as well as common Indian people.
So my request to the congress party as it’s a ruling party of India is that,

Please make a law which will clearly say that no political party is allowed to use government funds to build the statue of alive or dead great persons or common persons.If you respect them start the schools, scholarships and if you want statue then spend from your own political pockets.
If any political party thinks xyz person has done good for India, they should spend there own political party money, and build the statue. No one is authorized to use tax payer’s money to spend on Statues.
You will say we do not rule the Utter Pradesh but my question to the congress party is that you are ruling party in many states , make this type of law in your own ruling states ,this will set the example for other states.
Why you are making just statements do something which will stop the wastage of tax payer’s money.
Sometime back Mr. Kant filed a Public Interest Litigation against
Building statue in the supreme court of India.
In That Judgment Supreme Court refused to stay Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayawati’s statue building spree in the state.
The judiciary won't interfere with what it perceives to be an executive decision.
It observed: "If a democratically elected government decides to do something without misappropriating public money there is little courts can do."

We hope Congress or BJP will make a law regarding this in there ruling state and then will advice the CM Mayawati on how to spend the money.
As common Indian citizens we should not waste our time on thinking what would have been done with that money.
We have to learn to think that what our government servants can do to stop this type of spending in the future.

I do not support building statue of any leaders dead or alive from the tax payer’s money.


Everymatter July 18, 2009  

yes i think the cost of statues must be recovered on immediate basis from their personal pockets

sm,  July 18, 2009  

Everymatter thanks.As per current law, executives are allowed to spend money as they wish without doing any corruption.So neither you nor supreme court of India has authority to demand or repayment from this political parties.
This is reason i have demanded requested that a new law be made prohibiting politicians,exective the use of tax payers money to build statue.

Prasant Naidu. July 18, 2009  

These minsters know it very well that whatever we do the common man is not going to say anything. Common man is and always be busy in his life and struggles.
The point made is very clear(I doubt UPA will take a step in that area) but then building your own statue shows that you are scared that people might not remember you long so better make now. Do at least 10-20% for people they will remember you anyway.On a lighter note,what if she would have been our PM? she might have ordered RBI to print her photo on the notes :)

deeps July 18, 2009  

i think u need to shift your attention to whats hapning to kerala too ...lot of mess in the politics down here

Anonymous,  July 18, 2009  

Yes this is needed. A act which says that you cannot plunder public money.

The petition is still on and we are putting in lot of hard work to counter the SC view. That day on 10th of July the SC certainly said that we cannot challenge what has been passed in the state cabinet but there are numerous cases where the SC has interfered.

We will do our best to counter this view.

In the meantime we have moved the Election Commission to freeze the symbol of BSP as it has been violated and to grant them a new symbol. The EC has assured us that they will enquire into the matter.

In the meantime we are collecting signatures for presenting a petition to the President of India. Already 2000 people have signed it.

We request you to sign this petition and forward it to as many people you can.

The link is


Let us all get together to fight it .

Thanks and Regards,

Ravi Kant
Advocate Supreme Court of India

sm,  July 18, 2009  

Prashant thanks, but when we build a statue of dead person TAX PAYERS money is wasted.
when we build alive persons stuatue TAX PAYERS money is wasted.
we have to stop this wastage of money.

sm,  July 18, 2009  

deeps thanks for your suggestion i will try to mention and write about kerala also.

sm,  July 18, 2009  

Ravi kant thanks for visit to the blog.

Prabhjot July 19, 2009  

I think the point by which the BSP headed in towards the wrong direction is, that they started going with this concept of building statues on such places where earlier it used to be parks. But yeap if they have proceeded by installing these, by opening up new hospitals or some similar kind of thing, then definately this whole have not became an issue.

So from my view it's nothing else but just a pre-planned sort of political act, just to grab media attention.

sm,  July 20, 2009  

Prabhjot, yes you are right

BK Chowla, July 20, 2009  

SM,yes it is waste of public money.It is not only about statue..it is about attitude.Is the UPA not going around town renaming every possible bridge-roud about etc.
It is the system which needs a change.

sm,  July 21, 2009  

BK yes you are right we need to change the system

kim,  August 01, 2009  

it is waste of public money.

sm,  August 05, 2009  

For the Kanshiram Memorial coming up on Jail Road, the government sought two additional grants of Rs 19.81 crore and Rs 35.73 crore. Ever since the BSP government came to power in May 2007, it has sanctioned Rs 370 crore for the Kanshiram Memorial.

sm,  August 05, 2009  

For the Eco park, proposed to be constructed adjacent to the Kanshiram Memorial, the government sought Rs 199.90 crore. It will come up on the land that will be available after the demolition of the Lucknow jail.
For another Kanshiram memorial, "Kanshiram Smriti Upvan", the government sought an additional Rs 57.80 crore. For the Ramabai Ambedkar Maidan, the government sought an additional Rs 56.30 crore. For the Ambedkar Samajik Parivartan Sthal at Gomti Nagar, better known as Ambedkar Memorial, the government has asked for Rs 57.67 crore. The construction of the memorial began during the first stint of Chief Minister Mayawati in 1995. The state has spent over Rs 3,000 crore so far on the project.

sm,  August 05, 2009  

The government also asked for an additional Rs 26.75 crore for installation of statues at the Ambedkar Samajik Parivartan Sthal and for bronze plating of the murals at the Kanshiram memorial under construction at Jail Road. For the all-round development of Lucknow city, the government sought additional grant of Rs 100 crore.
It has also demanded Rs 6.5 crore for the drought-hit districts of Bundelkhand and eastern UP.