26 June 2009

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India: Moves First Step Towards National ID: UIAI Formed.

India: Moves First Step Towards National ID: UIAI Formed.

Reality Views by sm:

Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh appoints the best of Indian minds

Nandan Nilekani to head a new agency tasked with creating a national identification database for the country's 1.2 billion citizens. He will become head of the Unique Identification Authority of India as well as he will get the status of Cabinet Minster which is very important and necessary for Mr.Nandan to work independently and coordinate with different government agencies and ministers.
The government created the national ID agency in February, allocating it an initial $20 million in an interim budget.
Like Dr Sam Pitroda, we hope that Nandan will also create the magic in this project.

Sam Pitroda was responsible for shaping India's foreign and domestic telecommunications policies. 

He is largely considered responsible for the telecommunications revolution in India and specifically, the ubiquitous, yellow-signed Public Call Offices (PCO) that quickly brought cheap and easy domestic and international public telephones all over the country.

This project is the just beginning it will take many years to get completed.

But the good thing is that the project head is not a political leader but a professional
From the industry who is one of the best in India.
Government is expecting that in next 3 years nearly 100 million cards will be given to the Indian citizens.
The project will eventually become the basis of the Citizens Smart Card Project, recommended by the Second Administrative Reforms Commission, to enable citizens to avail of subsidies on food, energy, education, etc., depending on their entitlements. Industry estimates put the size of the entire project at Rs 10,000 crore.

What will be the benefits of this project?

As America got the social security number like this, We Indians will get this social number.
This social number will help to prevent corruption .This project will provide an identity card to every citizen to establish citizenship and address security concerns.
The identity cards proposed will be smart cards which will carry information of each and every individual; his/her finger biometrics as well as a photograph. A unique National Identity Number will be assigned to each individual including those below 18 years of age. This project will start first in the state of Karnataka. The broad idea is to get all the births, deaths, marriages, passport data, bank account data, and ration card data into one database. This will help all these offices to just tap into the central database as and when required and update their accounts.
People will say that we got election card .Yes we Indians got the Election card but truth is that it is not accepted by many organizations .Its only used for election purpose and that time also more importance is given to the ration card.
2nd is the election card is the failed project.
I Feel Pan card should be converted into the social security number this way it will help to save lot of money and the platform of Pan Card is already used by many Indians.
Pan card is successful project. In the beginning pan cards were misused by many companies .But I feel something is better than nothing.New card for Indians is ok no problems I am happy that best person is heading the most important project.
Once the card is with every Indian it will become very easy to track persons, bank accounts, black money, to make voters list, the benefits are unlimited.
Do you think opposition parties will allow Nandan work freely as well as babus of Indian government?
Lets hope Nandan can complete this project in next three years.

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AnjuGandhi June 26, 2009  

i hope it works and it is successful and it doesnt get lost somewhere in between because of red tape and corruption

BK Chowla, June 26, 2009  

I have said in a similar post,hats off to the govt for getting the best man for the job.

Ronak Jain June 26, 2009  

This will solve most of India's problem. I Hope that this will be successful.

sm,  June 26, 2009  

anju yes i agree with you.hope oppostion political parties dont create problems.

sm,  June 26, 2009  

BK yes i know you always keep writing on reforms if possible let me know the link so i can read that post. thanks

sm,  June 26, 2009  

Roni thanks everyone is just hoping that Nandan will make a difference and we can say yes we can.

Anonymous,  June 28, 2009  

Hey that is great news. Hope we get to see it sometime soon free of glitches....

sm,  June 28, 2009  

thanks choco yes sooner the better you are right

preposterous girl June 30, 2009  

Yeah ..Indeed it is a very positive step by the govt..
I've kept my finger crossed ,lest this project will also go into the closet.. :|

sm,  July 01, 2009  

preposterous girl yes everyone keeping finger crossed.