28 June 2009

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India -Know about: Rahul Gandhi the Next Prime Minister of India

Below is the photo showing Rahul Gandhi with sister and his mother.

India -Know about: Rahul Gandhi the Next Prime Minister of India:

Reality Views by sm:

Name - Rahul Gandhi

Date of Birth- 19th June 1970

Birth Place- New Delhi, Delhi

Nationality - Indian

Zodiac Sign -Gemini

Family Father - Rajiv Gandhi (former Prime Minister)

Mother - Sonia Gandhi (President of the Indian National Congress)

Sister - Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

Brother-in-law - Robert Vadra



Girlfriend-Veronique [not confirmed]


Schooling at Modern School, New Delhi

Home schooled for most of his school years

Student of Doon school

Enrolled for History (Hons) at St. Stephen's College, New Delhi

Starting university at Harvard and eventually got his B.A. from Rollins College, Florida in 1994.

He received a Phil in Development Studies in 1995 from Trinity College, Cambridge.

Political party -INC (Indian National Congress)

Constituency -Amethi, Uttar Pradesh


He worked in London as a consultant with the strategy consultancy firm Monitor Group.

He currently owns a computer consultancy firm in New Delhi. [Not confirmed]

Currently Rahul Gandhi is Member of Parliament and General Secretary of the Indian National Congress.

Rahul Gandhi belongs to the political family .Rahul Gandhi is the Son of Rajiv Gandhi and current congress president Sonia Gandhi.

His grandmother Indira Gandhi was also the Prime Minister of India.

So it’s very natural that Rahul will also become the Prime Minister of India when he wishes.

He won a seat in the 2004 parliamentary election from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh by a margin of 300,500 votes. 

In the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, he retained his Amethi constituency by defeating his nearest rival by a margin of over 333,000 votes.

Rahul Gandhi is unmarried, with status and wealth so there are speculations about his friendships with girls.

So there is one instances in 2004, he was reported to have been dating Veronica, an architect from Spain. The two met while at university.

Few websites have reportd that this incident is about seven year old Columbian girlfriend Juneita
About both the above stories I am not sure and I can not confirm it.

I have just mentioned it because I found it on the websites while making the research on the Rahul Gandhi.

kerala monitor which has reported that he has affair with juneita.This incident has been mentioned in the outlook India 12th sep.2005.

Vernonica and juneita are the two names of the same girl.
Vernonica aka juneita.

Updated on April 13, 2014
Rahul Gandhi in his affidavit filed before the returning officer at Amethi,
he has declared

Movable assets worth Rs 8, 07, 58,265

Immovable assets worth Rs 1, 32, 48,284.

Income shown for the Financial Year 2012-13 is Rs 92, 46,973.

Rs 35,000 cash in hand

He has deposited Rs 9, 50,575 at three different banks.

He has invested Rs 1, 90,000 in mutual funds/debentures/shares etc.

He has invested Rs 81, 28,153 in mutual funds

Rs 20, 70,146 in Postal and National Saving Schemes.

He has given Rs 6, 89, 14,673 for the purchase of a property.

He has 330 grams of jewellery worth Rs 2, 87,915

Some other assets worth Rs 1, 81,803

The total value of his immovable property is Rs 8, 07, 58,265

He jointly owns a farm house measuring 4.692 acres with his sister Priyanka Gandhi at Indira Gandhi farm house, Sultanpur village, Mehrauli, New Delhi. The circle rate per acre is Rs 53 lakh.

He also has a 50 per cent share in a farm house and the declared value is Rs 1, 32, 48,284.

He has also declared that he has taken Rs 9 lakh loan from his mother Sonia Gandhi and another Rs 9 lakh liability. His total liability is Rs 18 lakh.

He owes no dues to the government, says his affidavit.
He has also attached a provisional No Dues Certificate issued by the Lok Sabha Secretariat.

Rahul Gandhi Affidavit 2014

If you find any wrong information please let me know so I can correct it.


Anonymous,  June 28, 2009  

Hey thanks! Some of the facts I did not know!
BTW I think he will be the next PM, maybe earlier depending on current PM's status Heh heh...

Sandeep June 28, 2009  

hey great collection of facts about him.You might be correct,he will be the next prime minister but i think he will not wait until 2014!!!!!!!!!

BK Chowla, June 28, 2009  

SM,it is good collection and you seem to have done a lot of research on this subject.However,it brings us to one sure conclusion......to be and remain in politics and to aspire to be the PM,all you need is a surname,rest all follows.

Unknown June 28, 2009  

He is following the foot steps of her grand mother and father. I think he was a big diff with the Singh factor for UPA. One good thing that the people wanted to see is a stable government in this unstable markets. Rest why are people is the media so concerned about his gf's. he is a man and he has his needs, I don't think the common man is worried about that.
Thanks for the facts.
On a another note since you write about current topics, do you have something on Maoist and CPM. If not then could be a great idea :)

Keep Rocking,

sm,  June 28, 2009  

choco yes if you will read the history you will find gandhi family has to take over charge in the emergency

sm,  June 28, 2009  

Sandip,yes you right but problem is that MMS is so popular that if he tries to push aside MMS he will find tough oppositon within party and from public.But 2014 he will be totally incharge of the party because of image as he is trying to become a maharaja of indian peoples heart.

sm,  June 29, 2009  

BK Yes i totally agree with you about surname.
just remembers the dialogue what is in the name so wanted to say them all come to india and know the importance of name.

sm,  June 29, 2009  

Kittu thanks i will try to write on cpm and maoist.

AnjuGandhi June 29, 2009  

hey SM i have been posting comments on ur your various posts but they are not visible How come?

sm,  June 29, 2009  

Anju, i can read your comments and i answer to you also always.
if again this happens let me know .

preposterous girl June 30, 2009  

Oh I dint knew abt his GF and all..
Well researched post as always..
Keep up the good work :-)

sm,  July 01, 2009  

preposterousgirl thanks

Anonymous,  January 14, 2011  

hott gf dude keep it up