24 May 2009

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India: Know about Lok Sabha - the lower house

India: Know about Lok Sabha - the lower house:
Reality views: by sm

Lok Sabha is also called as Lower house or House of the People.

The members of the lok sabha are directly elected by citizens of India by voting.

The term of each lok sabha is for 5 years after that it automatically dissolves.
Currently maximum 552 members are elected for lower house.

Membership Qualification Required For Lok sabha:
Person must be a citizen of India.
Age should be 25 or above and mentally sound.
He should not be bankrupt.
The person should not have criminal procedures against him or her.

Session or working hours of Lok sabha:
Lower house assembles between 11 am to 1 pm then there is a brake and again
From 2 pm to 6 pm.

What is Question hour?

The First hour of the lower house in that questions are asked so first hour of lower house is called as question hour.

In this question hours members ask the questions on national as well as international policies, administration and problems.

Question hour and types of question:

In the question hour there are 4 types of questions can be asked.
Questions are divided in 4 categories.

1. Starred

2. Unstarred

3. Short Notice Questions

4. Questions addressed to private Members.

A starred question is a one which has an asterisk mark.
Every day maximum 20 starred question can be allowed
.Starred questions are where oral answers are given to questions.

An unstarred question is one where written answer is given to the member.

Per day only 230 maximum questions are allowed to be asked.

If there is Presidential rule on any state then more 25 unstarred questions can be added asked. So questions maximum limit is 255 questions per day.

A short notice question is of urgent nature where prior notice of question is not required .For ordinary question minimum 10 days notice is given to parliament.

The Question to a Private Member is addressed to the Member himself/herself and it is asked when the subject matter of it pertains to any Bill, Resolution or any matter relating to the Business of the House for which that Member is responsible.

For such Questions, the same procedure is followed as in the case of Questions addressed to a Minister with such variations as the Speaker may consider necessary or convenient.

A member gives notice in writing addressed to the Secretary-General, Lok Sabha, informing his intention to ask a question.

The normal period of notice of a question is not more than twenty-one and not less than ten clear days.

A short notice question can be asked with a notice shorter than ten days, but the member has to state briefly the reasons for asking the question at short notice.

Lok sabha shares its legislative powers with Rajya Sabha exception is money bills.

But Rajya sabha members are very less in numbers than lok sabha members automatically lok sabha rules and Rajya sabha becomes useless as it can not make laws or rules which are in conflict with Lok sabha members views and

This reason sometimes I feel we don’t need Rajya sabha it’s a waste of Indian tax payer’s money.
Rajya Sabha is powerless.

Lok sabha and types of sessions:

Every year there 3 sessions of Lok Sabha are held.

Budget session: February to May.

Monsoon session: July to September.

Winter session: November to December.

Powers of Lok Sabha:

Motion of no confidence can be introduced only in lok sabha.
Can not be introduced in Rajya Sabha.

The Rajya Sabha has no power over such a motion, and hence no real power over the executive.

Money bills and Budget is introduced in Lok Sabha .The money bills are send to Rajya Sabha for consent but reality is that in 14 days Rajya Sabha accept it or reject it .
Lok Sabha passes that bill without accepting Rajya Sabha recommendations .
So in short Rajya Sabha is powerless .A house without weapon and rights .

Ordinary bills are passed by lower house and send to upper house.

If upper house rejects it then a joint session is called and voting is done to pass the bill.

And as the Lok Sabha members are nearly double so automatically Upper house that is Rajya Sabha loses proving it is powerless.
Ordinary bill means bills which are not money bills.


manasi,  May 24, 2009  

nice information i didnt knew about question hour .I agree with you about upperhouse.

preposterous girl May 25, 2009  

Thanx 4 the info..
u provide good info in ur every post that I just comment the same every timt i.e. Thanx.. :)
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sm,  May 25, 2009  

prepost, ty.your blog is also good l like it.

Everymatter May 27, 2009  

please provide some information about rajya sabha

sm May 28, 2009  

everymatter ty i will write a post on Rajya Sabha also .

Anonymous,  May 28, 2009  

Ahh. A revision on Civics after all those years :)

But this was so informative. Keep it up!

sm,  December 15, 2009