05 April 2009

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Ministers Politicians Unofficial Interview from Heaven

Ministers Politicians Unofficial Interview from Heaven:
Sir why did not you hang the terrorist whom supreme court of India has given death punishment?
Reply from politician:

Because terrorist didn’t kill my son or family. As per constitution it is not compulsory for government to follow all orders of Supreme Court of India. You know court ordered us police reforms in 2006 but still we are not following them or implementing them fully.

Sir what about your promises which you made before winning election and how you are going to fulfill them?
Answer from politician:
They are just promises, and promises are never fulfilled, just tell me how many political parties fulfilled there promises .it is not compulsory as per law I should work. I should show results to my country men. I am not accountable to anything .I am a political leader I am not responsible for anything nor do I have any accountability and if ever they try to do using some 50 years old laws or public litigation petitions they are useless I will just pay fines or I will get suspended before I get suspended I would have earned billions of dollars. From jail I can contest the elections as I will delay the judicial process not get convicted by honorable court for 8 to 10 years or more and I will win the elections if any body dares to standup against me I will send him death threats and will win the elections from the jail .Police, CID OR CBI will not do anything as they also know I am going to win elections and going to become there ruler there boss. If today they go against me and don’t give me luxury life in jail they know after elections I will make sure that they get suspended, will they reduce to nothing?

Sir few people say that all police dept, CID and CBI departments are like your personal home servants?
Answer from politician:
Yes its absolutely correct First dept. of police was the servants of British and now they are our servants, as we control there transfers, suspension, promotion and demotion. everything. But please do not call them servants they will be angree so please say sorry now and this is off record ok please do not publish it in your news paper or television otherwise I will cancel your license of news paper as well as television channel understand.

Sir how do you managed to earn so much money in just 5 years? Sir is it true your family, your mother cleaned the houses of other people, and your father was office boy in a govt dept?
Answer from politician:
Yes correct. When I was child I didn’t get to to eat daily food survived on bread and water. But I joined the politics, used my caste power and got elected and today you see what I got. How I earned money? It is easy as a minister I am authorized to give work to companies Make purchases for government, and our armed forces, police and state etc so I do following things and I earn money. First if company is new I tell them make my son 25% or 10% partner in there company. 2nd is tell the company if they want contract give me 100% commission how does it work?
It’s easy I tell them the real price of this arm is 100 dollars per unit I tell them make it 300 or 500 per unit price and send the quotation I will pass the tender and we all will earn billions. Even I told them they can send second hand arms also its ok with our country men. The thing is I am not responsible for anything no body has power to send me to jail for political corruption. even we ask the bribe to ask the questions in upperhouse.if as a politician I have to sell government land or any anything we don’t call auction we just tell the company that the price of this land is 2000 crore I will sell you this land in 200 crore so we save 1800 crore so give me 200 crore commissions and give 200 crore to my political party and few crore to other small parties So party leaders will be happy and ignore the deal, the corruption. Again as a government we will give you guaranteed that if next government cancels this land deal we guarantee you that as damages you will get 2000 crore so you won’t have losses... After all whatever happens I am a politician I don’t have any accuntbility,i can take openly bribes and wont go to jail or wont be prohibited to contest elections. Last 60 years so many big corruptions happened do you see anybody going to jail? forget it just go to your city and check it you can see there is corruption from road to water everywhere, a road which should be build in a year takes 2 to 5 years of time, why corruption. They plan games and installed CCTV do you see them working, friends its corruption we don’t go to jail for anything. I am tired now please go now, I have to get the massage now but tell the people I went to temple or mosque otherwise tomorrow you wont get my interview understand.

thank you sir for interview ,tomorrow when we should come for next interview session, my secretary will inform you.Dont forget to have a lunch before going home its free ok Don’t worry sir we wont say anything about massage ,we will have lunch before we leave your bungalow.


Indian Home Maker April 05, 2009  

We are blogging about the same things in our ways.
This is such a sorry situation :(

BK Chowla, April 05, 2009  

Let us first ensure that next interview is conducting in hell, that is where these fellows should be.If these people continue to govern any more,they will ensure they actually rule like the British did.It is a very sorry state of affairs in the country.As for wealth,they have free rides to the Swiss Alps,at your and my cost.