27 April 2009

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Manu and His Laws And Views on Females

Manu and His Laws And Views on Females:

Know what rules Manu made for Females:

Manu says that:

It is the nature of women to seduce all males so good males never stay alone in the company of female’s .Females will seduce fool as well as intelligent males easily,
And make him the slave of desire and anger.

Males should not sit alone in the company of mother or sister also as senses are powerful and it can give him thoughts and desires.

Women do not think about male’s beauty or intelligent they will give themselves to any available man.

Because of passion for men’s, mutable temper and greed they become disloyal towards their husbands however they may be guarded by family.

When god created females he has given them love of their bed, status, ornament, impure desires, dishonesty and bad conduct.

Manu gives females’ lower or equal status to Shudras.

Manu says that day and night family males should keep watch on females, and should be kept under controls.

Her father should protect her in childhood, her husband protects her in her youth and her sons protect her in old age.

A female should never be given independence.

If females get independence they will bring sorrow to the families. Women should not have right to divorce.

Once a woman is married to husband, husband becomes her lord, her god forever. But Manu gives right to husband to Deseret his wife or sell her.

Manu gives right to husband to beat his wife, give her corporal punishments. The study of Veda was forbidden for females.

Manu says that care should be taken that females do not listen Veda mantra also. Females have no right to study or hear Veda mantras like shudras.

If any female tries to perform the Pujas, say mantras she will go to hell as her service and saying of mantras is not acceptable to god.

As a good girl she should obey her father, after her marriage she should obey her husband ,husband may not possess good qualities but she should obey him and treat him like her god until her death.


SRK,  April 28, 2009  

keep writing nice blog

sm,  April 28, 2009  

i do not agree with the laws of manu. But everyone should know it what he has written .
i support gender equality fully.

Anonymous,  April 28, 2009  

I agree with your response to the comment above, we may not agree but we should not refuse to KNOW. If we know then we will also know why we do not allow religion to rule our lives.

I wrote a post on Mansmriti too, and some readers said since it is not really followed these days - I should not talk about it. But the truth is our lower classes and even conservative, rich educated classes, our property laws and our customs of inheritance by women, of our refusal to take widow remarraige for granted (like widower remarriage) are all a gift of Manusmriti,

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ April 28, 2009  

manu ..

sounded like a smart man... :D
I neva knew chauvinism existed since so long...

Anonymous,  April 28, 2009  

I hope manu is in hell(if there is something called hell) being roasted along with his followers. He seems more like a mentally deranged person.

Vyazz April 28, 2009  

Surprising Manu actually came up with these laws, knowing full well the actual status of women in ancient India. Especially in a country that worships Goddesses. In fact in the Devi Mahatmya its written that the abode of Shiva is at the feet of the Devi. Also the role played by Draupadi in the Mahabharata shows she was feared even by her five husbands who did everything in their power to keep her pleased.
I dunno...mebbe I need to read the Manusmriti myself!!!

MJ April 29, 2009  

Now I know the history behind atrocities against women..

SM March 25, 2012  

borneveryday, thanks.