16 February 2009

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Travel with aim conditions and save plannet as well as help towards social change

Travel with aim conditions and save planet as well as help towards social change

Are you an international traveler?

Do you wish you should be able to do something for this planet earth?

Do you want or feel you should be part of some humanitarian work?

Then please read this after reading this you can surely feel you are doing some type of social service or trying to help this planet when you are traveling.

So when you plan to travel, travel with some conditions.
Following are the examples.

1 - I will not travel to country which is religious country. Eg. Is Saudi Arabia, Dubai etc?

2- I will not travel to country where child labour laws are not strict.

3- I will not visit to country where prostitution is illegal.

4- I will not visit to country where education is not fundamental right.

5- I will not visit to country where govt. dont pay attention to human rights.

6- if you are American you can think this way also if I travel in usa only, it will generate and save the jobs in usa hotel / motel industry, just your condition aim that you wont travel outside usa will give work in every industry in usa so while you plan traveling learn to think about society ,global society.

7- I will only travel to the country which is not democratic.

Like this make your own list of principles, conditions and only then travel.
So after traveling this you will get satisfaction that you don’t visit to the country which does not have good things which u want or feel.

Tourism is a big industry for every country, so as the tourism will decrease those govt have to think why there tourism is less.
So it will encourage those countries to improve.

So if you like this way of traveling then please tell your friends and achieve social change in this globe and decide that we will not visit such countries etc. for such reasons

“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community... Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.”

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