12 February 2009

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Know about Neverforget site, to keep watch on politicians

How to use site Neverforget.in and get details about your elected politician


When you visit to the site neverforget.in 
there you can see the PROMISE TRACKER on the top .
click on the promise tracker.
it will open a window it uses javascript so your browser must be enabled
to use javascript.
you will see welcome message click on ok
then a you will see the map of india with a red ballon or pushpin

red ballon or pushpin is the location or your city,
it is your city so click on the red ballon or pushpin 
on left hand side there is zoom feature you can use it 
if you have ever used google earth you will find this tool very easy.
to use.

Once you click on the red ballon or pushpin it will open the small window showing you  that cities member of parliament name and below that you will see clickhere to see his promises and click it.
and it will show the promises made by that candidate 
and evalution.

If you do not see red ballon or red pushpin you should refresh the page.
if you find that red ballon or red pushpin is placed at the wrong place on the indian map , on top you can see last message a question about this only.
click on let us know and it will open new windwo like a comment form fill it
and the team will solve the your detected problem.
Ty for reading this all .
do visit site and help build new india , we are living with american dream,
dont you want our ,your indian dream a indian dream for next generation.
or you want to still live the dream life of once a india was a country full of gold.
Wake up my friends from this golden dream, come to reality and see dream for our next generation.

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”



Animesh February 12, 2009  

Thanks a lot! This is a great post!