24 January 2009

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Every Indian must get right to vote wherever he is

Every Indian must get right to vote wherever he is 

India and voting

voting is a right which every indian gets as soon as he is born in india.
its our fundamental right but many indians are not able to vote because of location change or handicap ,physical disability.
As per The Representation of the People Act-1950, a voter can cast his/her ballot in a constituency only if, he/she is "ordinarily residing" in the corresponding area for at least six months prior to the polling date. We are being denied our constitutional Right to vote and the right to participate in Indian polity due to our temporary residence. We feel that this needs amendments to allow 'absentee voting' in the largest Democracy of the world. Non-resident Indians feel a strong urge to exercise vote and be a part of the democratic setup. We say, "My Vote, My Voice." 

As a first step towards achieving this goal, an online petition has been prepared addressing concerned ministry. Please take sometime to read and sign the petition. Link to Petition