06 January 2009

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Elections 2009 :Vote for Economic Reservation only

Elections 2009 :Vote for Economic Reservation only

Do you want to see one india or divided india ?
Do you want progress then learn to think about future and vote.
vote for the parties who have vision and who support cancellation of all reservations based on caste,religion, and who support only Economic Reservation.
Econimic Reservation will give benefits to each and every indian who is in need of help.
caste ,religion based reservation divides us and makes us weak as a nation ,
as a indian.
today ask any one who are you ? majority will say i am hindu ,i am muslim,i
am sikh but no one will say i am indian.
Caste ,religion based reservation is making political leaders day and night rich as we common indians keep fighting on thirdclass ,useless issues like language or how much percentage of reservation when this happens we ignore the black deeds of our politicians.

From education to jobs there should be only economic reservation on the basis economic condition of family which will automatically cover every indian citizen who requires reservation.
Today just visit to collages and you will find that many poor studans dont have reservation facilties ,they pay the fees, on the other side few boys come daily to collage in a luxry cars and still they enjoy reservation and dont pay fees.
which social change you want ?
Do you want divided india when this poor boy will become terrorist or join terror gangs as he will lose his education to right, in this case do you think boy is right in his decesion to join terror gangs as he will say that he is fighting for cause .
once economic reservation is introduced it will start to show our weakness,weakeness of political parties, there greed as they have to do social changes ,they have to think about population problem and many more.
but they will not support it as divide and rule and keep people away from politics and social change.

British people ruled and kept us as a slaves using the policy of divide and rule
current political parties are also doing the same divide and rule.
so i request to every indian citizen vote for the party which supports
ECONOMIC Reservation .

IF you oppose economic reservation give comments and i will counter reply you.