08 December 2008

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After 26/11 mumbai terror Now what ?

By: sm
After 26/11 mumbai terror Now what ?
We will hear now promises, and will see more fights among politicians, on fromwhere to purchase military arms, our politicians wont ask our arm makers to manufacture arms, they will purchase from other countries.
what is a reason they will do this, do you think they get paid ,commission from those companies for purchasing arms from that company.
After how many years we will get Nsg, we want Nsg for every city.do you think metro cities will have nsg in next 1 year or next 25 years or we will have to wait untill some big policians kin is killed or another big terror attack destroying thousands of poor people.Do you ever thought if you go outside Metros you wont be safe, as there will not be Nsg.this will increase more and more migration to metro cities like Bombay,mumbai,calcutta,madras,chennai, banglore etc.we are sure we will get nothing only words words words.after mumbai terror what will happen is that, these five star hotels will get Nsg or they will pay and hire the services of Nsg.but what about our CST ,VT we the common man when our brave police brothers will get latest arms, or they have to give security using sticks or pistols only.
we need one week to choose one minister dont know how much time we will need to proctect our sea, and provide security to our people ,hope in our life time we can see the nsg in mumbai .atlease in all metro cities .Fear is that the process of Nsg will start but on courruption charges on grounds of purchase of arms,clothes,dress code,language ,reservation etc it will never be implimented fully.


Milene Rolan December 09, 2008  


Good Luck!!