03 November 2008

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Where is Bharat ? Where is India ? Do you see divided India ?

Where is Bharat ? Where is India ? Do you see divided India ?
Today in India you will see , people from one state fighting with the people of other state
where it will lead ?
If Central Govt do not make strict laws and control it this will be called as a begining of desturction of India and after say 75 years or 100 years there will be no india but again there will different states .
Once there was a country called USSR but today there is only russia ,and other small independant countries ,we hope this do not happen with India .
Today policticians are using this to get elected or show there power but they dont realise once hatred goes deep inside the human heart then no body can remove it .only death will apart it .
Once in a history ,Germany saw this , what hitler started and what it has done,what german peple faced generations after generations.
Today in India ,we see small fights among people of different states,but when this will become like nuclear fire no one say and when it becomes nuclear fire no will be able to control it.
so its better Govt of india acts fast and sees that this type of thoughts,where people of one state are encourged to fight ,oppose other people of state are stopped, immidiately.
Do you see future of india as United states of India .
Do you want it , Where people of one starte will need licence to work in other state.
Do you want it where if u want to visit neighbouring state , you have to get the licence or permit
Think on this and if you dont want this to happen in future then oppose the thoughts where politician only think about there own state,wellbeing and dont think about India .
India needs politicans who will make there own state strong and help other states to become strong and collectively make India strong .