23 October 2008

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India joins elite club,reaches out to moon .

India joins elite club,reaches out to moon .
Indias first moon mission is worlds 68 moon mission .

Again humans conquar nature and scientist show and make belive nothing is impossible when there is will there is way.keeps hopes and drems burning to reach

where no man has ever reach

The expense break-up of the unmanned rocket - Chandrayaan-1 costing Rs.3.86 billion($78.5 million) * Deep Space Network: Rs.1 billion ($20 million) * Rocket: Rs.1 billion ($20 million) * Payload development: Rs.530 million ($11 million) * Spacecraft bus: Rs.830 million ($17 million) * Scientific data centre, external network support and project management expenses: Rs.500 million ($10 million) Image - Chandrayaan-1, India's maiden lunar mission, sits on the launch pad at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota.

This expense is just 0.1% of Indias yearly budget . Indias many politicians are uneducated, or criminals as per our information minimum 125 indian politicians who are members of parliament are criminals, history sheeters.
history sheeters means a person who does crimes again and again and whose name is recorded in police station many times.
We salute Indian scientist .
Hats off