17 October 2008

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INDIA-Govt goes ahead to build another statue of King Shivaji.

Govt goes ahead to build another statue of King Shivaji.
we respect king shivaji . king shivaji is like god.

The state govt. of Maharashtra is going ahead with the plans of making statue of king shivaji .The monument will have 309 foot statue which wil be bigger than statue of liberty ,which is 305 foot.
It will be builit on a five acre island off Marine Drive.The praposed Rs. 100 crore island project will have an AMPHITHEATRE WITH SOUND AND MUSIC SYSTEM FOR DAILY SLIDESHOWS,A GARDEN,A FOOD COURT,SLIDESHOWS, AND A LIBRARY.

Now lets know the truth .
As per our views how much i read about shivji the king , i am sure if shivaji would have got so much money he would have never spend such money on this type of project.

the project has following black side.

the proposed budget is 100 crore but we are sure when this project will start it wil become 500 crore or 5000 crore ruppes.Out of this 50% more or less black money will be created using this project.give you example .

to build we will need lot of type of material .
1-so what is done ? suppose xxx metal price is 2000 Rs. kg. then our goverment babus will purchase this xxx metal at a price of 2500 or 3000 Rs. kg. or they will import from outside by paying more money.

2-another example the contract will be given to some political parties bulider or his or her son who is partner in that company.

3-To give this contract the big amout of bribe will be accepted.

This money which will be spend on Statue is the money which we pay through taxes.
if political parties love king shivaji so much then why can not congress party or parties which support the building of statue pays 100 crores from there funds.

King shivjai ,the god of maharashtra has bulid many forts in Maharashatra ,come to see those forts and you will understand how much the forts are dirty, and not maintained properly by government ,where you will rarely find clean drinking water.

So we request think on this point ,think that ,do u think king shivaji will spend money on statue when his poor people,his farmers are dying committing suicide because they can not feed there young sons .

Who wil benefit by this project ?politicians, rich businessmen, commission agent, corrupt people will benefit from this project.

WE hope king shivajai, God Shivaji will give them good thoughts and they will cancal the project. and give this 100 crore to Marathi Manus for his education,for food, for clean water.

Jai Maharashtra Jai Shivjai.