05 October 2008

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Know the Perfect location for success using astrology

Know the Perfect location for success using astrology
Astrology helps you find perfect location to settle and succed in life.
Best Places to Live : Confuse where to settle for sucess , take guidance from astorylog .
following are the few city names and how it changes ,helps the your signs ,so you can find that type of country.
Aries:(March 20 - April 18)In the chart of San Francisco, the Sun is in Aries. This gives the city a hectic, energetic
pace. Canada has Aries Rising and France has the Moon in Aries.

Taurus: (April 19 - May 19)If you want to travel or live in Japan, this country's chart has the Sun in Taurus. This location
would be good for enjoying the countryside, food and drink. The United States has Taurus
Rising; Belgium has the Moon in Taurus as does Australia.

Gemini:(May 20 - June 20)The city of London, England has the Sun in Gemini. This gives the city a focus on
communication, education, publishing, and the media. Mexico and Canada have the Moon in
Gemini and Denmark has a Gemini Sun.

Cancer:(June 21 - July 21)Spain has the Moon in Cancer in its horoscope. This gives the country emotional ties to
home and family and a strong sense of tradition and community. Canada and the United
States have the Sun in Cancer, the United Kingdom has the Moon in Cancer, and South
Africa has Cancer Rising.

Leo:(July 22 - August 21)Manhattan has the Moon in Leo. This explains the concentration of theater and
entertainment. If you lived in this city, you would find it hard to stay home, when there is so
much going on. Los Angeles and San Francisco have Leo Rising.

Virgo:(August 22 - September 22)Washington, DC has Virgo Rising. This gives the city an image of cleanliness, having rules
and procedures, as well as strict protocols. Paris has the Sun in Virgo and the country of
Italy the Moon in Virgo.

Libra:(September 23 - October 22)The city of New Orleans has the Moon in Libra, as does Japan. This gives an overriding
attachment to beauty, culture, and music, and an appreciation of the finer things in life.
Germany has the Sun in Libra, as well as China, France, and the city of Copenhagen.

Scorpio:(October 23 - November 21)The country of Switzerland has Scorpio Rising. This explains the persona of secret bank
accounts and powerful financial institutions. For someone with Scorpio prominent, this would
be a place to explore your passions. Spain and Austria have the Sun in Scorpio and South
Africa the Moon.

Sagittarius:(November 22 - December 20)The city of Toronto has the Sun in Sagittarius. This is a city with a large immigrant population
and a melding of cultures. Belgium has Sagittarius Rising and Denmark has the Moon.

Capricorn:(December 21 - January 18)Italy is a country with the Sun in Capricorn. Here is a place steeped in traditional values and
antiquity. Charlottesville, Virginia and Australia have the Sun in Capricorn, and China has the
Moon in Capricorn.

Aquarius:(January 19 - February 17)Mexico has the Sun in Aquarius, giving it a personality that is unique, exciting and
independent, as does New Orleans. Manhattan and Hamburg have the Sun in Aquarius and
the United States has the Moon in Aquarius.

Pisces:(February 18 - March 19)Venice is a colorful, creative city with the Sun in Pisces. This is likely why so many people
make their escape there and enjoy its artistic, dreamy charms. Spain has Pisces Rising and
Switzerland and Germany the Moon in Pisces.


Anonymous,  March 18, 2009  

Sm, what works best is that Astrology inculcates belief in yourself, and that works out for you. it tells you how to see something in a postive manner and when you see it, you feel the difference... I follow instructions from my family jyotish coz some how some where I have a feeling that he would show me the right path i should be thinking about...

Nice concept though for travelling executives...

Anonymous,  April 18, 2009  

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