27 September 2008

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India -Rajya sabha Mp -Hema 'caught' for ticketless travel

Hema 'caught' for ticketless travel

Difference Between uk prime minister and indian mp, minister hema malini.
Both have same story travel without ticket. In uk tony blair got the ticket his copassenger
help him out .

But india no one dare to ask the minister, please madam pay the fines and get the tickets .

Hema Malini travelled from Kurduwadi in Solapur to Dadar by the Siddeshwar Express
yesterday – without a ticket. She, however, managed to escape any penalty, as the
organisers had booked the tickets, but failed to give her the printed ticket?

Did they acutally got the tickets ? does anyone saw the tickets ?

The Rajya Sabha MP had travelled to Pandharpur for the inauguration of a branch of the
Sawarkar Vichar Manch on Thursday. Hema decided to take the overnight train back, as she
wanted to reach Mumbai in the morning

If this happens with a indian common man, he honestly forgets his tickets at home what
would have happend ?

Just think this happens with you and you forgot tickets ?

answer : humiliation,fine,jail ,thorowing you out of train,what will happen ?
Quote " Todays, ministers are the kings and owners of india "

If the ticket checker would have dared to ask hema malini to pay fines and get the ticket
what would have happend ?
Just think the ticket checker would have lost his job or he would have been rewarded for honesty and duty .

so my indian friends what you think ?
Food for thought ?

I guarantee you that in India you will find many people supporting hema malini for free travel
and not charging her fines.they will say whats wrong in that its not her fault .its ok let her travel free .

this shows the lack of knowledge towards rule of law,honesty.
the tendency is " HUM NAHI SUDHRENGEY "

Rules for MPs
BJP MP Jual Oram said that the identity card of an MP was treated like a railway ticket.
"Even if we enter a train without a ticket and if seats are available, the TTE can allot us the
seat against our MP Identity Card number. But an MP must keep his I-Card with him, as that
is the only proof that the person is an MP," Oram said. It wasn't known if Malini was travelling
with her identity card.
However, Chief PRO, Northern Railway, Rajeev Saxena, said that MPs travelling without a
ticket can be penalised. "Be it a railway employee or an MP, they have to inform the authority
to reserve a berth in the train," he said.

J P Aggarwal, Rajya Sabha MP and Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee president, said,
"Even for MPs, the formalities are the same as that of a common man. We just have the
privilege that we don't have to pay for our ticket. We are issued tickets with Rs 0 in the fare

same incidenet happend with tony blairs wife ,In 2001, Blair's wife Cherie was forced to pay
a ten-pound fine plus a 7.90-pound fare when she was caught travelling to Luton from
London Blackfriars without a ticket.
for tonyblair article read