19 September 2008

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Astrology Zodiac Sign Scorpio :

Astrology Zodiac Sign Scorpio :
ScorpioScorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac that stretches from October 24 to November 22.
Scorpio is a feminine negative fixed water sign.
About ScorpioScorpio is symbolized by the Scorpion. Intense and emotionally perceptive, they pick up on unspoken words and speak the language of gesture. Deep, mysterious and magnetically attractive, Scorpios yearn for emotional intimacy.
People born under this sign are the most intense and passionate of the signs. Though they appear calm and quite but their anger can burst anytime like a volcano. This ferocious anger often ends up making lifelong enemies. Scorpions are loyal as friend but a fanatic foe.They possess very strong intuitive power that helps them judge people. Scorpions also have immense degree of willpower and are highly tenacious, but are equally sensitive and therefore get easily moved by emotions of others.
Scorpions are the least understood signs of the entire twelve. Usually the Scorpio persons are of a secretive, timid, retiring nature, one who does not talk of his affairs. But there are also another type of Scorpions who are always ready to argue holding their point and during this they can become very cruel. They usually have an explosive temper. Such temper is often harmful for the health.
HealthThe greatest danger to the health of the Scorpio comes from the generative organs and the ducts through which the excretions of the body pass, such as the urethra and the colon. The bladder, the sigmoid flexure, prostate gland, pubic bone, the red coloring matter of the blood, and the nasal bones are also under the rule of Scorpio.
CareerScorpions often find fulfillment in many employments. The most appealing profession for them is one which involves analysis, investigation, research, dealing with practicalities, and the solving of mysteries. This is why they often choose career as police and detective work. The law, physics or psychology also attract them, and they can become masters of the written and spoken word.
Ideal PartnerScorpios get along well with Taureans. This sign gives them the material and emotional security they crave.