15 December 2007

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Effects of Global Warming

Some of the negative consequences that have been postulated by some organizations and some scientists, if global warming increases, are:

  • Flooding, drought, fires, tsunamis and other nature events of magnitude
  • Many species of wildlife will risk to be lost forever
  • Some "undesirable life forms" (like poison ivy) will become more "undesirable" as they will thrive in warmer climates
  • The ice in both poles may melt in large quantity. Glaziers are melting as we speak . Species living on ice and procreating on ice as the Polar Bear, penguins and seals will become extinct.
  • Increase of sea levels will cover some islands and low lands
  • Increase in diseases from pollution
  • Some of the world's food supplies may become severely affected

    Some opposing groups postulate that those dangers are exaggerated but provide no scientific data that allows to disregard the risks. Therefore international organizations and governments have established, preventively, extraordinary meetings on climate change and similar issues as well as protocols as i.e. the Kyoto Protocol for reduction of gas emissions.