04 May 2012

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Bill Warren Osama bin Laden's dead body bag located near Surat Mission to start from June First

Bill Warren Osama bin Laden's dead body bag located near Surat
Mission to start from June First

Bill warren is a American treasure hunter and he is champion of hunting treasure.
He has located more than 200 shipwrecks around the world during his long career.

Last year May 2, Bill laden was killed by Navy Seal and was dumped from USS Carl Vinson in the North Arabian sea.

Bin laden was given a 'sea burial' to prevent his legions of followers building a mausoleum on his grave.

Many people do not believe the burial story of Bin Laden.

Bill Warren told to media that he has located Osama bin Laden's body bag deep under the Arabian Sea, 320 kilometres west of Surat in Gujarat, and hopes to start his mission on June 1

With the help of recent photos released by the US Navy showing the Laden's final resting place, Warren claims to have pinpointed the location of the body bag.

Daily mail reported that Bill Warren could pinpoint the location after studying satellite images given to him by a source at the Pentagon.

Time required to complete the mission?
The search would probably "last a week" to three months

How much money he will require for the mission?
$200,000 (more than Rs 10.68 crore)

Will he take out the body to surface?
he said he wouldn't raise bin Laden's body to the surface. Instead, he would take a few photographs, videotape the entire 'experience' and take a chunk of flesh for DNA tests.

He told to media that he is doing this because we are patriotic Americans and feel that President Barack Obama failed to provide the proof,"

Below is the photo showing probable area where dead body of Bin Laden is

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