02 October 2017

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Lyrics with English Translation of Title Song Aabhalmaya from Marathi serial Aabhalmaya

Lyrics with English Translation of  Title Song Aabhalmaya from Marathi television serial Aabhalmaya

Television Serial Name – Aabhalmaya – superhit family drama
Song – Aabhalmaya
Music: Ashok Patki
Singer: Devaki Pandit
Lyrics: Mangesh Kulkarni
Channel: Zee Marathi
Episode Numbers – 400
Release Date – January 4, 2000
Period Year – 2000 – 2002
Actors –Sukanya Kulkarni – Sudha, Sanjay Mone, Sharad Joshi – Sharad , Shreyas Talpade ,
Swarangi Marathe – Chingi,  Suhas Joshi , Harshada Khanvilkar – Sushma , Manva Naik

How the lyrics were written by Mangesh Kulkarni
He wrote the lyrics of song while travelling in bus in Mumbai on Bus ticket.
The producers of the show or responsible persons cut the 4 lines stanza of the song because they thought it spread negativity.

Today also whenever this song is played it gets request for once more classic Marathi song

It’s very difficult to translate this song but I tried my best.

Lyrics of the Marathi Title Song Aabhalmaya with English Translation.

English Translation of the Marathi Title Song Aabhalmaya is in Red Color.

Dadte Teh Pap
What hides is a sin

Ghadte Teh Punya
What happens is a good work

Chadthe Tee Dhundi
What goes into mind is intoxication 

Urate Teh Shuna
In the end, what remains is nothing

The producer did not use the above 4 lines

Title Song of Aabhalmaya starts -

Jadato toh Jeev
That which gets attached forever is a soul heart 

Laagate tee Aaas
What it gets is yearning
What it starts is yearning 

Budato toh sury
That which sets is the Sun

Ure toh abhaas
What is left behind is an illusion

Kale toch arth
What we understand is the meaning

Ude toch rang
What flies away is the color

Dhalato toh ashru
That which trickles down is a tear

Sutato toh sanng
What we lose is the relationships

Daatate tee maayaa
What surrounds is love affection
When we remember, the heart feels full of love affection

Sare toch kaal
That which passes is Time

Jyaalaa naahi thhaaw
That which does not understand Know

Te tar aabhal
That is Sky
Here lyricist compares Aabhal with the mother’s heart, soul

Ghananilaa doh
deep pool of blue water just like blue sky

Poti gudh maayaa
Heart is full of mysterious unknown love affection 

Love affection without the boundaries just like sky
Infinite Love affection

Love affection without the boundaries just like sky
Infinite Love affection

About serial Aabhalmaya - 
Aabhalmaya, was one of the most successful TV serials in Marathi television industry
Today also serial enjoys cult following and Aabhalmaya the title song has become a classic song.
Whenever history of Marathi Television Industry will be written they will have to mention the song Aabhalmaya and serial Aabhalmaya.

Aabhalmaya is a story of Sudha’s struggles to raise her three daughters

Sudha and Sharad Joshi both are married and work as professors at a college in Bombay.
They have 2 daughters.
Sharad has an affair with another woman ‘Chitra’ and has a daughter Chingi.
After Chitra’s death, Sudha accepts Chingi into her house and raises her, separated from Sharad.

Listen to Title Song Aabhalmaya from Marathi television series Aabhalmaya

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