03 October 2012

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CWG and 2G No corruption Happened A Raja and Suresh Kalmadi back with sixer

CWG and 2G No corruption Happened A Raja and Suresh Kalmadi back with sixer

Who is A.Raja?

A.    Raja is former union minister and accused in the 2G spectrum scam.
A.Raja represents Party DMK, which opposes everything, which is done by congress party but give supports to Congress party.

Few people say that DMK supports because of fear of Congress Bureau of Investigation [CBI]

Who is Suresh Kalmadi?

Suresh Kalmadi is one of the accused in CWG scam, under whom all the scams happened in CWG.

Mr. Raja is being tried for criminal conspiracy, cheating, and breach of trust by a public servant - a charge that carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Suresh Kalmadi was suspended by the Congress party after he was arrested in April 2011 and put in Tihar Jail, where Mr. Raja was also holidaying 

Former Union minister A Raja, the main accused in the 2G spectrum scam, and Suresh Kalmadi, an accused in the Commonwealth Games scam, have been made members of two separate Parliamentary Standing Committees by Congress Government

Raja, who represents DMK in the Lok Sabha, has been nominated to the Standing Committee on Energy.

Kalmadi, Congress member of the Lok Sabha, has been nominated to the Standing Committee on External Affairs.

DMK MP Kanimozhi, who was also accused in some cases related to the 2G spectrum allocation, has been nominated to the Standing Committee on Home Affairs.

This proves that no corruption happened in the 2G and CWG games.

The Parliamentary Standing Committees examine the bills and give suggestions to the proposed legislations related to the ministries concerned.

Do you think a corrupt person can make a good law for his citizens?

Do you think if Thief is called to make a law which will arrest thief do you think that thief will make a good law?

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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

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Virendra Kumar Sharma October 03, 2012  

This happens only in congress regime.

deeps October 04, 2012  

when can we restore all the amount is all what i want to know...

Destination Infinity October 04, 2012  

Some people are playing a dangerous game which will backfire on themselves shortly.

Destination Infinity

AmritpalSingh October 04, 2012  

They are playing with us
In this match we the Indian have provided them pitch(parliament) by giving them Votes
if i am not wrong here Ball is also be we the Indiannot these traitors
But think which need to notice here is that opposition also had fixed the match and enjoying with hefty amount.

But Most powerful role of icc(international cricket council) is played by us but problem of this icc is that we not aware of about powers
So need of the hour united