04 May 2012

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Know 30 Facts about Paul Dhinakaran Jesus Calls a Biography

Know 30 Facts about Paul  Dhinakaran Jesus Calls a Biography

1.    Name – Paul Dhinkaran

2.Birth Date - 4th September 1962

3.Education – MBA, he was the first student in the University of Madras to earn a PhD in management science at the young age of 27.

4.Paul Dhinakaran is married to Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran

5.    Marriage Date - June 02, 1989.

6.International Institute of Maranatha Church, Germany conferred Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran the doctorate degree during the Jesus Calls Prayer Festival held in Germany on 15 April 2006.

7.    Number of Kids - three children Sam, Sharon and Stella

8.His children are also involved in a Jesus Calls Prayer

9.Sam (born 15-July-1990), Sharon (born 12-January-1992) and Sweety (born 05-February-1998)

10.Jesus Calls - 72, Rajaji Salai, Chennai - 600001, India.

11.It is said that Lord spoke to him through his father Late Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran, a Prophet that touched his life deeply.

12.He is Founder and Chancellor of Karunya University founded in year 1986, is located near Coimbatore, an Industrial city in South India, in a sprawling area of 750 acre lush green campus. Students – 7500

13.He had also served as a Syndicate Member of the Bharathiar University for two consecutive terms appointed by the Governor of the State of Tamilnadu.

14.He has worked as Member of the National Monitoring Committee for Minority Education and as a Member of the Governing Council of “Education for all” Committee, both in the Education department of the Government of India.

15.He was instrumental in establishing Jesus Calls “Prayer Towers” throughout the globe in 9 countries and 29 Prayer Towers all over India where dedicated Prayer Intercessors offer prayers 24 hours

16.He is also the chief architect of the worldwide television ministry of Jesus Calls that produces nearly 1800 TV programmes per month.

17.Rainbow TV”, a 24 hours TV channel caters to European nations and Middle East.

18.The first television programme of Jesus Calls Ministry called 'Prayer Time' had a small beginning in 1995.

19.The Canada Christian College in Toronto has conferred on him an Honorary doctorate in Divinity.

20.3 FM Radio Programmes in India, Srilanka and Canada

21.an average of 36,000 people are being blessed through  Internet ministry daily.

22.The different  plans and  - The donation towards this plan can either be made wholly or partially in easy monthly installments. The respective pledge amount for donors from different countries are given below:
•    1. India - Rs. 3000(INR)
•    2. SriLanka - Rs. 5000(SriLankan Rupees)
•    3. Singapore - S$350
•    4. Malaysia - RM 800
•    5. Australia - AUS 350
•    6. Canada - CAD 400
•    7. South Africa - RAND 2500
•    8. UK - GBP 150
•    9. Rest of Europe - Euro 220
•    10. Fiji - FJD 525
•    11. Russia - Ruble 8200
•    12. France - Euro 200
•    13. Germany - Euro 200
•    14. Saudi Arabia - Riyal 1125
•    15. China - Yuan 1950
•    16. Japan - Yen 24300
•    17. Korea - Won 43000
•    18. Brazil - Real 475
•    19. US - USD 300
•    20. Middle East USD 300 or equivalent
•    21. Rest of the World - USD 300 or equivalent

23. Following benefits will be enjoyed - Daily prayers will be offered for the Family Blessing Partner’s family (FBP) at the Prayer Tower to have good health, peace and prosperity, job and professional needs and all other blessings assured by God according to III John 2 (Holy Bible).The Dhinakarans will pray for the enrolled partners of the scheme daily.Dedicated prayers will be offered at the Prayer Tower for those requiring settlement in family life.Special media resources will be sent to the partner from the Jesus Calls Ministries to help you lead a godly family life.Special greeting cards on the partners’ Wedding Anniversaries.Certificates carrying the partner’s family photo/wedding portrait if provided by them.Special Invitation to the Family Blessing Meeting whenever held.Unmarried partners can avail of our services of Job & Marriage bureau.

24.Same donation for Children Blessing Plan Children Blessing Plan (CBP)   three benefits - i. Protection from Evil. ("Keep them from the evil one" - John 17:15) ii. Wisdom to Shine. ("Your children shall be taught by the Lord and great shall be the peace of your children" - Isaiah 54:13)  iii. Prosperity in life. ("He shall bless your Children" - Psalm 115:14)

25.When Lord spoke with him -  Paul Dinakar says that The Lord spoke to me clearly on 14th March 2008 about His plans for us and the works to be carried out by us in future. He told me, "I have started a new era now. The old era has ended with your father. This new era is the one that has to prepare the world for My Second Coming. In the coming days, I am going to raise up millions of prophets and apostles. I will operate the apostolic power and prophetic gifts in the world."

26.The Lord also said, “I will give visions containing My revelations to My children so that they will follow new strategies in their business matters and also manage their business affairs through innovative methods. When they implement them, they will flourish all over the nation. Their wealth and profit will grow manifold. They will occupy prominent positions in multiplying the national assets and products. Therefore, they will be consulted by government agencies at the highest level when national economic policies are formulated and implemented. This will help the nation in becoming prosperous and also in equal distribution of wealth’.

27.The first Prayer Tower was established on the 12th August 1983 at 16, D.G.S. Dhinakaran Road.

28.One can donate online

29.  Names of Blessing Plan - 
a- Jesus calls
b-Family Blessing plan
c-children blessing plan
d-sponsor tv program
e-tv club
g-code member
h-business blessing plan
g-sponsor campaigns
i-dr.DGS Dhinakaran prayer tower

30- His faher was also blessed.

31.Jesus Calls Ministries have conducted Prayer Festivals in almost all the major India cities and also in Foreign Nations including the USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Singapore, Holland, Malayasia, UAE (Kuwait), New Zealand, South Africa and Sri Lanka. 

32.Media reported that Nirmal Baba =Rs 500 Crore and Paul Baba is = Rs. 5000 Crore

Watch the video -
The Lord will do wonders among you - Dr. Paul Dhinakaran

One can make big money by becoming the friend of God [ in reality one becomes the agent of God,did you ever saw the appointment letter ] as Indians as well as abroad everyone will pay the money to temple or religious places but one will not pay the money for the poor or farmers who commit suicide.

Just why they don’t make the rain in the drought areas so farmers will not commit suicide and animals won’t die.

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Reality views by sm –

Friday, May 04, 2012

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Jim May 05, 2012  

Those are interesting facts!

Nathan May 05, 2012  

Man, he's done a lot.

दिगम्बर नासवा May 05, 2012  

इंटरेस्टिंग जानकारी ...

R May 05, 2012  

Interesting post!

chitra May 05, 2012  

As I am in Tamil Nadu I have heard and seen so many programmes telecast on this. Why God chooses one or 2 people to carry with these work when there are millions.Will we ever learn?

Anonymous,  May 07, 2012  

I was bless when paul dinakaran prayed for me, a true man of God, India needs more people like him not like uma barthi.....

Anonymous,  May 07, 2012  

these type of people should be behind the bar

Anonymous,  May 07, 2012  

Can he make a prophecy that when can we iradiacate poverty?

Anonymous,  May 08, 2012  

God have blessed me too through dr. Paul dinankaran.. He is very kind man.. God love him because of his kindness.. God choose him to help that poor people..

Anonymous,  May 08, 2012  

Those who don't blessed and dn't know the love of god.. They will talk bad about dinankaran uncle.. But god will punish those who are blaming him..

Anonymous,  May 08, 2012  

Those who don't blessed and dn't know the love of god.. They will talk bad about dinankaran uncle.. But god will punish those who are blaming him..

Anonymous,  May 08, 2012  

Those who don't blessed and dn't know the love of god.. They will talk bad about dinankaran uncle.. But god will punish those who are blaming him..

Anonymous,  May 08, 2012  

Those who don't blessed and dn't know the love of god.. They will talk bad about dinankaran uncle.. But god will punish those who are blaming him..

Anonymous,  May 08, 2012  

Those who don't blessed and dn't know the love of god.. They will talk bad about dinankaran uncle.. But god will punish those who are blaming him..

Anonymous,  May 19, 2012  

This is the biggest scam in tamilnadu.
All tamil fools are letting this pastor loot the money from Karunya university to Canada.

Anonymous,  May 21, 2012  

It is sad to see and hear about such types of modern Religious or spiritual leader who go so much after money. In fact according to all religions real saint dose not seek after money or fame because they are supposed to be depending on God for every day bread on God. God is their provider. God is their portion and property. not the wealth of this perishing world.

Anonymous,  May 22, 2012  

Does he use a good portion of that money for charity?

Anonymous,  July 10, 2012  

I'm alive coz of paul Dhinakaran's pryer..people r bringing prob to him we christians still forgive them...

Anonymous,  July 22, 2012  

if there is a god,and that is one big if..there is no need for agents to reach him..this is just an another classic case of gaining through religion..and this guy's business is nothing more than a scam to loot people's money..

Anonymous,  July 22, 2012  

i cant imagine why there is not more information about him on wikipedia

RR,  August 20, 2012  

Facts cannot be manipulated by words . The Dhinakarans could not have come so long without the guidance of God .Karunya is a big Institute so all including leaders and politicians want to share this .kindly do not compare ministers of God with Politicians.

Anonymous,  September 10, 2012  

Dubakoor Dhinakaran Calls....where

A blind talks!
A deaf and dumb walks!
A physically challenged person reads!

Come! Get blessings at an unbelievable rate of Rs. 3000/- (Unlimited plans extra)

Jesus Calls (Full Name: "Jesus Calls for Scam")

Anonymous,  September 13, 2012  

Guys you all are not in any kind of troubles does not means that God is not looking at you.
God keeps His children as the apple of His eye.

Jesus is a living God, if you don't believe it He has the ability to make you believe....

So kindly watch your words.....

Anonymous,  December 10, 2012  

Nations will raise against the Anointed one, but THE LORD resists them.

Anonymous,  July 12, 2013  

Well said !!!

Anonymous,  August 26, 2013  

why he charging money for his prayers from poor peoples who order him for these charger JESUS???
or someone else??

Anonymous,  October 11, 2013  

look at all these negative and unpleasent question above. These are filled with hatred and with selfish minds i guess. Though there are millions around the world GOD has called them to do his ministry. They have everything they need, but they want the ones who offerz to be blessed abundantly.

Anonymous,  March 08, 2014  

Dhinakarans did not do anything if they cud do on their own then every single person would leave their jobs n dedicate their lives to so called God, sumone quoted Jesus calls charge for healing..... Thats poor knowledge n lack of info, they charge for 3-4 whole day conferences wer food n other amenities r provided, but all other crusades(open air meetings...for those who dnt kno d meaning of crusades) no entry fee is charged, its free n many recieve healing n deliverance.. Donations r not mandatory cause they r praying for us anyway...even for u who spoke against them...
One had a question as to y cant he bring rain in draught areas, i have the answer, n even can challenge anyone i can bring rain in any draught area through the name of Jesus. But wont share it here if u want to see rain in a draught area mail me,, i m willing on behalf of dhinakarans to perform this miracle in Christ name.... Mail me at christlovemissionkolkata@gmail.com
til then Praise d Lord. N God bless Dhinakarans...

Anonymous,  March 09, 2014  

This is too bad. How could you spy into religious person like Dr. Paul Dinakaran's life and reveal all the secrets lol. Any how it is said you are the Sheep and I am the Shepherd. You will all land up in the slaughter house as in people will rob you and you like a dumb sheep will lose everything and never realize...

Anonymous,  April 08, 2014  

Why paul dont give free blessings and prayer.he is a master mind fooling people

SM April 08, 2014  


Just remember everyone is God and God has not appointed any human being as his agent

Anonymous,  May 25, 2014  

Please continue this good work, this is very rational post. Paul dhinakaran is a sociopath who feeds on the suffering of the people, and their beliefs through religion. There are tons like him, but he gets the attention because he crosses the line of acceptance. Will our land ever get delivered from religion ?

annonimously from chicago June 09, 2014  

He robbed my mother ..a widow who does not get a penny from her only son..with false prophecies..now she faces utrine cancer...where is the miraculous healing for such devout follower ?

Anonymous,  July 21, 2014  

No answer huh?

Anonymous,  August 04, 2014  

Evangelists who accept money for the miracles that God has performed lose the healing gift.The miracles take place due to the faith of the individual What we receive freely must be given freely. The anointing and the gifts are free from the Lord. The power anointing is also given freely by the Lord. Charging money for the power ministry is not from the Lord. The Holy Spirit will never guide an evangelist or a prophet to accept money for prayer. Charging money for prayer based on the country and the currency value is not the guidance of the Holy Spirit. A prophet or an evangelist will lose his healing gift and the gift of prophesy if he accepts money for the miracles that God has performed. A prophet will have to guide the people to pray and see visions. He will have to describe the heaven, the hell and the Lord. He must not guide them to watch movies. This guidance is not from above. Fast and pray. Try to receive the lost gifts.

Anonymous,  March 01, 2015  

Just out of curiosity boss, why didn't he prophecies the Tsunami? Or the Uttarakhand floods? If he had power

Anonymous,  March 25, 2015  

while I came out of Prayer tower after a prayer, I saw a security stopping a 4 small kids who are looking poor... The kids maybe of age 6 or 7... The security didn't allow that kids inside the tower... The children were begging to get inside to make a prayer... But he didn't allow... Is this what God wants??? My question is... If those kids have arrived in a Benz car, they'll be got inside... Right...

Anonymous,  July 25, 2015  

My mother and sister many years back went to prayer tower to meet DGS Dhinakaran with an appointment and when they reached there, the officals there said they cannot meet Mr. DGS and it was night and they said they couldn't stay there instead they recommended to an hotel but by God's grace one guy of the same prayer group told my mother that not to go to that lodge because there are prostitutes. Finally mother mother and went to railway station and they stayed in the ladies waiting room and the next day they boarded the train to Kerala. Now please tell if these guys are the real children of God??

Anonymous,  October 27, 2015  

It happened to me also. My Mother, me, and my sister went to Prayer Tower. They didn't talked to us properly. We went from Hyderabad. We don't know the language and do not know anybody there. We told them tomorrow is our train ticket so please allow us to stay anywhere atleast in campus, we sleep on ground only because im with my daughters, and it is not safe to travel, we do not even language. they told to leave the campus immediately. My mother told I will go out and find some place to stay till that time my daughters will sit there. They didn't agree. They told your prayer is over so we have to leave that place. Not even they given 1 hour time. We are memebers in Jesus calls since 1995. But There behaviour just broken our hearts. Now we are suggesting everyone not to follow Dr. Paul Dhinakaran. When Dr. D.G.S.Dhinakaran was there, he is just a God's followers and make everyone to follow god. But sorry to say Dr. Paul Dhinakaran is just a money maker. Jesus or his disciples never charge for prayers but Dr. Paul Dhinakaran wont even leave children or beggers also. he is a man of sucking blood for money. I'm not just criticising him without anything. I'm was member of jesus calls from 20 years. But believe me I saw with my eyes. I request everyone not to waste your money on this brokers. Pray for your family and children yourself, God will definetly answer you. And its free of costs. And in return you will get guarantee from god that he will change your life.

lilly kumar March 12, 2016  

Poverty cannot be iradicated.it will be there till the world is there.you have miss understood brother.prophecy is gods deliverance of his plan to the people.think of ur life.build your relationship with god.he will guide you and he will show what is the purpose of ur creation.he will reveal his plan for your life.he is the Almighty.he was beaten up and put to death for ur inequities.such a wonderful living god we have.he answers everything in prayers.wait and pray to receive his blessings.

lilly kumar March 12, 2016  

True.but even king David is a richest man.it is written in bible that seek he first the kingdom of god.all things shall be added unto you.all things includes wealth also.it not necessarily that all people to be like Paul in bible.don't judge any people.god is there to judge him.who are we to judge a person.god might have allowed him to have richness.think of our relationship with god.have I done any thing to god.am I walking in the path of god.god bless u

lilly kumar March 12, 2016  

If the seed is not buried in the soil.it will not grow as tree and bear fruit.we all sinned against god.no one in the world can say iam not a sinner.jesus came to this world to save you and me.he shed his blood on the cross for you and me.why he should be crusufied for our inequities .jesus a lamp without sin was that given as sacrife on the cross.god showed his true love and gave his life for u and me to be saved.all are going to die one day or other.Jesus obeyed gods word. he was sacrificed for u and me and god arosed him from dead.he is the witness for us.if u believe in god and walk in the path of light. though we may die.but surely one day we will be raised up.but for that we need to be like sheep.not like wolfs.

lilly kumar March 12, 2016  

How do u say he wrobbed ur mother.can u elaborate.

lilly kumar March 12, 2016  

Your curiosity is right.prophesies is revealing gods plan or gods word to people which is going to happen.when we are with god and listen to his words and obey his words.god will reveal not only to brother Paul.but to you also.you are more precious to god than any one.

Muna Pani June 04, 2016  

Why mis preaching of bible

Muna Pani June 04, 2016  

Are you supporting your own church bro ???

Muna Pani June 04, 2016  

Is it written in bible to do business with word of god.. ? Do you believe poul dinakaran or lord Jesus Christ..? By whom you got salvation ?

Muna Pani June 04, 2016  

It is written in bible . Holy spirit reveal prophecy only about jesus Christ. Is it preaching and prophecy

Anonymous,  June 29, 2016  

He is a real servent of God instead of this he has his own charitable trust called seesha surving for poors, literate peoples.

Anonymous,  August 05, 2016  

I am also interested in writing such gooddy talk about that Pauly guy, how much does he pay?

Anonymous,  August 05, 2016  

Ur giving to god thru them...if u think they are not managing your donations appropriately it's up to them...as long as you know that donations is for the love of God to help other people In need

Anonymous,  September 27, 2016  

Because these people out of millions has struggled a lot for Christ.you just read the testimony of bro.dgs dhinakaran and put urslef in his place and the think of it.then u ll get to knw why god has chosen that 1or2 outta millions like us��

Anonymous,  September 27, 2016  

The one who writes here taking their back aren't paid btw.also ppl who write here are just giving thanks to god who did miracles through them but arent raising the names of the prophets

Anonymous,  September 27, 2016  

Ohh..then get ready for a miracle in your life through them.but u needn't pay.u don't even knw the difference between their partner plans and ur so called business.

Anonymous,  September 27, 2016  

Never did they charge money from anyone in the name of prayers.imagine how could they run their daily tv blessing programs radio programs web telecasts prayer tower maintenances magazines prayer oil bottles seesha organisation and many more through which millions are being blessed.these needs camt even be fulfilled through what they get from karunya even as they have to maintain that university as well for intl tie ups too.if u gonna afford for all this then definitely they llbe glad and stop all the jc plans.they just charge 3k fr jc plans vch can be paid even 1₹ per month all ur life time.they would nt stop writing the thanks giving letter for that 1₹ u offer them.change the perspective of ur thots.if majority are supporting someone u shud at least try to knw what the truth really is.I am sure that if u look at him once ur life will be changed.

Anonymous,  September 27, 2016  

He prophecised it.u fools don't even knw what's happening.read their magazines every month u ll get to knw d things.u knw ntg bu asking questions as u knw everything

Adarsh Benjamin November 25, 2016  

I think he cheats people in the name of the living God who one day will bring to light all that the small and big have done.

Anonymous,  March 18, 2017  

This is all bs... These goons are exploiting the feelings and belief of people who have lost their track if life..
If you want real prayers then why should you pay money.. Forget money.. Why should you even depend on a third person to reach to your lord?
You are also children of God.. If you want to pray to God then pray yourself and God will listen. God will only listen your prayers and not your demands.
There is difference in prayer and demand.
People have forgot one thing that God will never change your circumstances or situations..
He can give you vision, strength and blessings.. You yourself are responsible to your life sufferings.. If you want to end those sufferings then first understand true meaning of God and what, why how to pray.

Live your life on the lines of teachings the God wants us to live and you will be happy.

Life is a journey. Happiness is not a destination, it is the experience you will have throughout this journey..

If God exists the devil (negative powers) exits... Save way if Happiness exists then there has to be sorrows..
Its you who has to decide you what to go with God or evil. Same way you have to decide you want to have more happiness or more sorrows?

Change the way you think and you will change your world...

And please don't get in this BS trap of such people who are exploiting you and your money for their benefit.. Who are not telling you true meaning of God.

Marathi June 28, 2017  

People like u here that why these people here and creates lo of property. And hindu people not do these type job chu