19 May 2011

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Understand Speak Asia business model of the Speak Asia Part 2

Understand Speak Asia business model of the Speak Asia Part 2

Speak Asia Registration Information –

Speak Asia Online Pte. Ltd.
Address: 10 Ubi Crescent, #07-68, Ubi Techpark,
Singapore 408564
RCB Number: 200618809D
Phone: 0065-63430887 / 0065-67493743
(Monday to Friday: 7:30 am to 2:30 pm (IST))
Fax: 0065-67422877

Survey Helpline
Phone No.: 91-11-65153885
Open from 10 am - 5 pm (IST) Mon-Fri
this is strictly for Survey Filling Support only.

Sales Support Hotline for India
Phone No.: 91-11-46488000 / 91-11-46170511
open from 10 am - 6 pm (IST) on all days
Except National & Public holidays

Speak Asia is not registered in India.

Manoj Kumar, the company's chief executive for India, apologized for naming ICICI Bank, Bata, Nestle, Bharti Airtel and ING Vyasa Bank as Speak Asia's clients.

"Taking the names of these organizations was a factual error on the part of our chief marketing officer Vivek Gautam and I apologize on behalf of Speak Asia," Mr. Kumar said. He, however, said that during the initial period of operations, Speak Asia had worked on these brands, although the service was not commissioned by these institutions.
Speak Asia company Pays members for giving their opinions on Surveys.
Do One Survey and Earn Rs.500.

First Understand and know everything about Speak Asia.
Know the business model of Speak Asia.

To Join Speak Asia One has to join the company Speak Asia or say you have to pay Rs.11000 and become the member of the Speak Asia Online Survey Company.

1 reward point = $1 or Rs. 50.

Its Fix Rate in outside Market dollar rate keeps changing but for speak Asia it is fix rate.
1 Reward Point = $1 or Rs. 50.

Now suppose you completed Registration You paid Rs.11,000.

Speak Asia pays Rs500 for every survey

Now there are 2 concepts –

Main Panel and Sub Panel –


Subscription Cost: Rs. 11000
Subscription Period: One year
Surveys : 104 (Full Year) (2 per week)
Monthly Income : Rs. 4000** (Per survey you get Rs. 500)
Annual Income : Rs. 50,000 (104 x 50)


You can increase your income by filling more online survey.
For this you can add up to 9 sub panels at a discounted subscription

Rate of Rs. 10,000 ($200) per sub panel with your main panel.
(Total Subscription amount for 10 panels Rs. 1, 01,000 ($2020).
Then you will get up to 20 surveys

(2 surveys per panel) weekly to fill up you have to work daily 1 hour

(Or you can work single day in a week for 7 hours and fill- up all 20 surveys)

And you will be paid Rs. 10,000 ($200) every week for 52 weeks

(Total income in a year = Rs. 5, 20,000 ($10400).

So now you got the idea about business of Speak Asia –

Pay 11,000 Rs. And Monthly guaranteed income Rs.4000 minimum.
Year Income Rs. 50,000 Minimum

Suggested Reading –

Speak Asia – Letter from Haren (Harinder Kaur) Chairperson to all Speak Asia Members

Speak Asia Speak India registered in Mumbai having
Indian Directors who is the owner of Speak Asia

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